• Cosmetics, Beauty and Medical Aesthetics Devices & Equipment Exhibition
  • 4-7 November 2021
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Secrets of makeup were revealed at CNR Beauty & Wellness Show Istanbul

CNR Beauty & Wellness Show Istanbul, where the most prestigious domestic and international cosmetics, beauty, and medical aesthetics brands displayed their products and services, ended on September 13. Presenting the latest trends, technological advancements, innovations, and products in the sector, the exhibition was enlivened with many outstanding events and shows. Sultan of colors, Pınar Aktaş, performed one of the makeup workshops of this year.
Having worked as a specialist in brands such as Lancome, Biotherm, Christian Dior, Shiseido, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Pınar Aktaş started to work in the cosmetics industry in 1996. Following her special training on makeup in Turkey and abroad, she decided to become a makeup artist. Adopting “colors and novelties on faces” as her slogan, Ms. Aktaş is still working as a professional for runways,
stages, sets, video movies, weddings, catalogues, television programs, and special makeups. Pınar Aktaş, becoming the first makeup artist that has ever used the term “Professional Makeup Artist” in Turkey, has made television programs discussing makeup skills in many television channels.
Making new achievements as a makeup artist by participating in television programs broadcast on RTL, American NBC, and English ITV channels, where world-renowned stars have been hosts, Ms. Aktaş provides makeup service and training across Turkey, particularly in Istanbul and Ankara.
Don’t miss Pınar Aktaş’s workshop “Secrets of Makeup and Special Techniques” on the event stage of CNR Beauty & Wellness Show Istanbul on September 12, 2020, Saturday at 14:00.