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Beauty Technologies in 2020

How will the Beauty Industry Change by means of Technology in 2020? 
The beauty industry continues to change rapidly on a global scale. So, what kind of changes will the beauty industry, which has undergone transformation quickly and is expected to reach $805 billion by 2023, encounter in the new period? 
According to Vogue, technological systems equalizing the skin tone and removing spots and marks, custom-made 3D paper mask printers, luxurious rollers used to massage faces, micro-needling devices, and light therapy masks are among the most popular innovations and procedures of the beauty industry in 2020.
The Future of Beauty Is Getting Different 
The future of beauty is forming according to the needs that are getting personal day by day. The significance of the beauty technologies that can be utilized at home has recently become more powerful particularly during the quarantine period. The tendency to digitalization in the beauty industry is gradually increasing with fitness trackers and artificial intelligence aided systems.    
Technological Trends of the Beauty Industry in 2020
Starting to compete for innovations to meet the demands arising particularly in the recent period, the industry is leading towards the products and technologies that respond to the personal needs of end customers. 
According to Yelp, which has searched the most popular beauty treatments of the last 15 years, the trends and treatment methods that have become hits in recent years, are mainly technology-focused. The research lists the applications as follows:
Hydrafacial: Moisturizing the skin through in-depth cleansing, applicable to different skin tones, and non-invasive (not requiring to implant devices underneath the skin or inside the body), hydrafacial hits the top of the list as a method of cleansing the skin surface. The popular method, which the demand has gradually increased for and professionals have started to prefer in the last 5 years, is a number-one treatment applied in beauty centers.   
Dermaplaning: Dermaplaning is a procedure that exfoliates the skin and makes the skin surface smooth. This non-invasive and non-abrasive treatment helps remove wrinkles and marks on the surface. 
Micro-needling: Micro-needling is a procedure where small needles pin the first layer of the skin and enable the skin to renew itself. Giving results in a short time, its popularity has increased. The procedure helps treat scars and even tones on the skin.
Coolsculpting: A treatment used for local weight loss helps eliminate the number of fat cells without damaging other tissues. As it does not have any side effects, the system draws great attention.  
Laser Facial: A procedure that makes the pores on the face smaller efficiently and safely, evens tones, reduces wrinkles, and helps the skin look younger. 
Emsculpt: As a non-surgical and fat-burning treatment, it is one of the most popular applications among the body shaping methods. It enables building muscles while burning fat, which is why it is widely preferred. 
Ultherapy: Also known as a non-surgical face lifting technology, the system tightens the bulging and wrinkling skin using ultrasound technology. 
Kybella: Eliminating fat cells under the chin, the procedure treats the double chin and recovers the profile. 
Collagen: Renewing the collagen amount on the skin through a procedure applied to decrease the aging pace on the face and help the skin revive. 
Lash Lift: Increasing volumes and lengths of lashes for a while, the procedure does not result in receding lashes and has become one of the most popular procedures in 2020.