• Beauty and Wellness Show Istanbul
  • 10-13 September 2020
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Exhibitor testimonials for CNR Beauty & Wellness Show

The show organized for the first time last year aims to bring together more than 400 leading companies with 25 thousand professional buyers. The first edition of CNR Beauty & Wellness Show, which was highly acclaimed by the beauty and cosmetics sectors, has been very efficient both for the visitors and exhibitors. 
Here are the comments of some of the major companies in the sector:
Cosmetics fairs as an excellent opportunity for us, since they offer the perfect platform that unites industry representatives with all the customers at the same time, under the same roof. We can also introduce all our equipment at once.
MORMED – Hüseyin Dağar
We see the fairs as an opportunity to meet and unite with customers and friends because we cannot visit them too often during the year. We introduce innovations and talk about how they can grow their business. Trade fairs mean rejuvenation and innovations. We are very pleased with this Show.
DR B – Esra Şen / Neslihan Bükümcü
They are platforms and events that you need to participate in the process of creating brand awareness. If you want to expand your sales and develop a marketing network; if you are considering national and international marketing, you should participate in these fairs. We aim to expand our market network by getting together with foreign sales representatives and international buyers. This is our display window for global markets.
I am delighted with the effect and activity of the fairs. Our products were very popular for being the only products in their field and we sold well. We are highly satisfied.
MZS Group – Bora Yüksel
Visitors come to this show to get information and products. We set up a technical service area to draw attention to its importance, which has never been done in other exhibitions; And it was received very well. We meet new people at fairs. It's nice to have visitors from different cities. Efforts have been made in this regard.  I hope it will get even better over the years.