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Choose the best colors for your skin!

It’s important to use the right colors when you apply your makeup to enhance your beauty and look natural while doing it.


First step is finding out your skin type and your undertone to choose the right products and shades for your skin.


How to determine your undertone: 


You should use your undertone to determine which foundation, blush or bronzer is best for you. If your foundation doesn’t match your undertone, your face might look too red, ashen or yellow.
Cool: You have a cool undertone if you have red, pink and bluish colors in your skin, and your face looks pinkish. You burn and blush easily. You have bluish veins. You look good in vibrant colors such as purple and emerald green. Best makeup colors for cool undertones are pinks, mauves, plums, roses, cool browns, black, navy blue, bright blue, teal, white, gray. Your foundation shade could be “porcelain”, “rose”, “cocoa”. Use pink and light red for your cheeks and choose a bronzer with soft pinkish tones.
Warm: You have a warm undertone if you have yellow, peachy, and golden colors in your skin. Your skin looks yellowish. You tan easily. You have greenish veins. You look good in warm yellow, orange, and olive green.Best makeup colors for warm undertones are gold, bronze, red and earth colors. Your foundation shade could be “beige”, “caramel” and “golden”. Your bronzer and blush should have warm golden tones.
Neutral: You have both warm and cool undertones if you have bluish-green veins. Your foundation shade can be “nude”, “praline” and ivory”. Reds and purples will look great on you and you look good in both gold and silver. As long as you keep your makeup balanced you can use strong colors and get away with it.